Dueling Capitol Hill Budgets Mum on CU Tax Status
Credit union advocates in Washington say there is no mention of the credit union tax exemption in either of the latest budget proposals released by Republicans and Democrats.  Read More

5 Tips for Protecting Against DDoS Attacks
Distributed denial-of-service attacks aim to bring portions of a network down by bombarding the network with requests, and U.S. financial institutions have been prime targets, hit by attacks that rendered their websites unavailable to customers.  Read More

These five tips can help maintain your financial institution’s network and cyber security posture while decreasing the risk and potential collateral damage of DDoS attacks.  Read More

Privacy Notice Reduction Bill Passes House
The Eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act passed the House late Tuesday, by voice vote.  H.R. 749 would amend the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act by eliminating a requirement that privacy policy notices be mailed to consumers annually. Should the bill pass the Senate and be signed by President Barack Obama, the privacy mailing would only be required of financial institutions if the policy had changed.  Read More

NCUA Board Clarifying Proposed Fixed Assets Rule
The NCUA’s proposed rule regarding federal credit union ownership of fixed assets doesn’t make any substantive changes to the rule; rather, it merely clarifies the regulation so credit unions better understand how to comply.  Read More


Quote of the Week


"They add to the tax burden of ordinary Americans who have to pick up the slack and accelerate the economic inequality in our country. I want to fight to bring an end to this unjustified drain on the Treasury."  Senator Carl Levin (D-MI)
Empowerment in the workplace is an often-misunderstood concept. Employee empowerment is a term that many managers and organizations think they understand, but few actually do, and even fewer really put into practice.

Many managers feel that by empowering employees, they relinquish the responsibility to lead and control the organization. This is not the case. Empowerment is actually a culmination of many of the ideas and tenets of employee satisfaction that are discussed and analyzed frequently in a variety of books and periodicals focused on the subject.  Read More
The House and the Senate return to Washington this week for one last week before the Spring District Work Period.  When the House and the Senate complete their business for the week, they will next convene during the week of April 8.  READ MORE
As over used as the phrase may be, a new law passed in the final days of the 2013 Wyoming legislative session certainly appears to be a win-win situation for Wyoming.

The new law, Senate File 118, concerns eminent domain -- the sometimes controversial practice of condemning private property for what is considered to be a larger public good. The practice is controversial because it's tantamount to seizing private property -- something that doesn't set well with most Americans, least of all folks in Wyoming.  Read More
On Monday, March11th Paul Gentile, EVP of Strategic Communications and Engagement Credit Union National Association was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio. During the interview, Paul mentioned that people could learn about credit unions and find one to choice by visiting aSmarterChoice.org.

The media exposure of aSmarterChoice.org resulted in a traffic jump on Monday to 1,005; resulting in 804 total searches.

That is the highest # of visits in a single day so far in 2013.

This is the value of media exposure of aSmarterChoice.org.

Here is the link to the radio interview: http://media.bloomberg.com/bb/avfile/Markets/Analyst_Calls/vN6Gs5Ea_deA.mp3


It has been a few weeks since Bill Cheney officially unveiled the vision for the credit union system. Feedback has been coming in fast and furious from credit unions.

The one common takeaway is that credit unions are excited to see the CUNA/League system taking a leadership position to bring the movement together for a shared vision.  Watch for more information in the coming weeks.   See More

How can your credit union help the CU system move closer to realizing its vision where Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner? The suggested actions and benchmarks in this checklist will contribute to achievement of our three key goals of:

Removing Barriers • Creating Awareness • Fostering Service Excellence
Credit Union House Hall of Leaders
Click here to view the photo album from the Credit Union House reception where this year's CU House Hall of Leaders were named.

CUNA GAC 2013 Photos & Downloads Now Available
Attached is a link to the GAC photographer’s web site where GAC photos can be viewed and downloaded/purchased directly.  http://rlkphoto.photoreflect.com/store/thumbpage.aspx?e=8857325.

If you have trouble with the direct link you may enter thru the web site’s front door at www.rlkphoto.photoreflect.com, then simply click on the GAC 2013 folder and proceed to view the images as noted above

CUNA's Tax Status Advocacy Toolkit Empowers CUs To Tell Their Member-Value Stories
More tools were added to the Credit Union National Association's Tax Status Advocacy Toolkit this week. Three newsletter articles to help credit unions talk to their members about the value of credit union membership are now  available in the ever-growing arsenal.

"Our research shows that when members understand the value of membership, they will stand with us to defend the exemption," CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney said when announcing the toolkit created by CUNA and the state credit union leagues.  Read More

 CUs To Furloughees: 'Be Assured, We've Got Your Back'
In a stellar example of credit unions putting members' interests above the bottom line, credit unions across the U.S. are rallying to assist members with furloughs that began at midnight Friday after the federal government's stalemate on wide-ranging budget cuts, called sequestration.  Read More

More CUs Preparing Members For Sequestration Issues: A Special Report
More credit unions are advising their members on how to mitigate the impact of sequestration on their financial well-being and offering special services to reduce the impact from the gap in income generated by government furloughs.  Read More

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 Obamacare Exchange for Credit Unions Expects April Launch
Credit union technology provider EPL Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., said it expects to launch what it said would be the nation’s first private health insurance exchange for credit unions, their members and communities.  Read More

Federal Reserve Leaves Durbin Caps Unchanged
The Federal Reserve has declined to change the cap that limits the amount of debit card interchange that large asset debit issuers can make per transaction.  Read More

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