The greatest obstacles to credit unions providing access to more credit for small business are the banks who oppose credit union member business lending (MBL) legislation, not a lack of designations as low- income institutions, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) President/CEO Bill Cheney wrote a letter last Wednesday to members of the Senate and their staff.  Read More

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“The rational and peaceable instrument of reform, the suffrage of the people.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Economists Say Tax Hikes Will Curb Economic Growth          

As the deadline to extend the Bush-era tax cuts looms, economists have agreed that the pending tax hikes would be devastating to the economy, and that permitting their expiration would have about twice the impact on economic growth as government spending cuts under the sequester. 
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U.S. Central Bridge Closed

Completing three years of efforts to stabilize the corporate credit union sector, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) today closed U.S. Central Bridge Corporate Federal Credit Union (U.S. Central Bridge). The agency also used the closing to remind credit unions of the need to address their emergency liquidity needs.

“Closing U.S. Central Bridge is the last step in the effort to stabilize and reform a corporate credit union system that was close to collapsing three years ago,” NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz said.  Read More                                                                              

MBL Cap Increase Would Answer Biz Loan Demand

While interest in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lending programs continues to surge, the SBA in a recent release noted that "high-growth small businesses continue to face difficulties in accessing patient, long-term capital to grow and create jobs."  Read More

Fed Says it Will Maintain Monetary Policy For Now

Credit unions had no surprise last Wednesday when the Federal Reserve's policymaking group, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), announced it would maintain the monetary policy it set in September regarding bond-buying, Operation Twist, and near-zero targeted funds interest rates, said a Credit Union National Association senior economist.  Read More

CUNA Holds Hundreds of Hill Meetings During Recess

While many perceive pre-election recesses as a "down time" for the U.S. Congress, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has held daily meetings with Capitol Hill staffers since the current recess began earlier this month, making use of all opportunities to conduct critical credit union outreach.  Read More


GOTV Update


Give your Credit Union the Political Power & Win

Below is the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Update.  There are ONLY 6 Days left until Election Day!  Early voting has begun in All Three States!


We still need your help!  Thank you to the following teams who recently signed up for GOTV activities:

·         Premier Members:  2 teams + 2 election day staff

·         White Crown: 2 teams

·         Columbine – 1 team

·         Space Age – 1 team

·         Community Choice – 3 election day staff

There’s still time for your team to sign up for the Colorado Get Out the Vote.  Please review the Calendar for dates and times that will work for your credit union.

CULAC Recruitment Drive Results:

CU GOTV 2012 “PAC Recruitment Drive” Political Power Stats – to date we have raised $5,036.24!  We still need your help to raise an additional $19,963.76 to reach our goal.  Click HERE for additional information.

To Join our GOTV efforts, complete the following:

1. Sign up new contributors to CULAC-PAC

2. Write their names on the back of this form

3. Mail/Email form to MWCUA before November 6th, 2012

                                           (if mailed must be postmarked by Nov 1st)


Grand Prize ** $500 Drawing

The following Individuals have been entered into the $500 Grand Prize Drawing:

·         Anna Corona of AEA FCU – 27 NEW sign ups

·         Matthew Shaw of White Crown FCU – 13 NEW sign ups

·         Matt Reber of Columbine FCU – 12 NEW sign ups – 100% Staff Participation

·         Steve Higginson of Reliant FCU – 6 NEW sign ups

·         Eva Gaudio of Elevations CU – 3 NEW sign ups

** You must recruit 5 NEW contributors to be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing. Entry forms with fewer than 5 NEW contributors will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. NEW is equal to any new CULAC (not CUPAC) member or any current CULAC member who increases their contribution by $100 annually. All NEW CULAC members will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. Entry forms must Be postmarked by November 1st, or hand/Email delivered to NLT by 6 pm MST on November 6, 2012.

Additional Prize Drawing Results:

The following credit union staff have been entered in to the $350, $250 & $100 drawings:

·         AEA FCU – 26 entries

·         White Crown FCU – 13 entries

·         Columbine FCU – 12 entries

·         Reliant FCU – 6 entries

·         Elevations – 2 entries

·         Banner FCU – 1 entry

CULAC is our FEDERAL PAC, not STATE PAC. (CUPAC) and this recruitment effort are separate from our 100% board participation campaign.  This should be targeted to staff and management teams within your credit union.  Also, we will not utilize PAY-PAL for this recruitment effort (Checks/ ACH or Payroll deduction only). If you have any questions please call Chris Kemm at 800.477.1697 ext 3345.

Low-Income Credit Union List Hits 1,874
Credit unions across the nation have responded favorably to a National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) initiative aimed at cutting regulatory red tape and expanding the number of credit unions with the low-income designation.

Two months after NCUA informed 1,003 federal credit unions of their eligibility to become a low-income credit union (LICU), 676 federal credit unions have accepted.  Read More
CBS 'This Morning' Helps Push 300,000 Visits This Year

More than 300,000 visits have been made to so far this year - and that number got a solid push upward October 8, when CBS 'This Morning' aired a segment focusing on "Five Things to Know About Credit Unions."   Learn More

Arizona State News


*NEW* Arizona Credit Union Voting Guide: Association Endorsed Candidates

New Arizona Districts Could Generate shift In Balance                                

As many as six of Arizona’s 30 House districts are in play this election as Republicans and Democrats square off in new districts that have changed the dynamics of legislative races.  In these races, scattered across the map, independents are likely to play a decisive role.  Read More

Race Getting Nasty For Carmona, Flake                                                       

The tight U.S. Senate race between Democrat Richard Carmona and Republican Jeff Flake has grown increasingly personal and bitter over the past couple of weeks, with heated exchanges at public appearances and hard-hitting television ads.

With the election just days away and party control of the Senate possibly at stake, emotions are raw and getting rawer.  Read More

 Arizona Election & Voting Center

Colorado State News


*NEW* Colorado Credit Union Voter Guide:  Association Endorsed Candidates                            
Candidates For County Commissioner, Statehouse Spar Over Government's Role                  

Government’s regulatory role over natural resource policy was a recurring theme Thursday night as candidates for the state Legislature and the Routt County Board of Commissioners squared off in one of the last candidate forums of the political season.

“This great state is absolutely rich in natural resources — oil, gas, water and forests,” Republican candidate for House District 26 Chuck McConnell said.  Read More

Incumbent Fischer Faces Newcomer Fye in House District 53                                    

The race for Colorado House District 53 covering the western half of Fort Collins pits incumbent Democrat Randy Fischer against first-time candidate Republican challenger Jon Fye.

Fischer says the Republican leadership in the House, where the GOP has held a one-vote majority for the past two years, has put its ideology ahead of progress and common sense.  Read More                                                                                                           

State Senate President Makes run For U.S. House of Reps                                        

Colorado boys don’t usually join the Navy, with the prestigious Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs often snatching up the state’s populace. Denver-native Brandon Shaffer — who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Congressional District 4 — said joining the Navy was a decision not taken lightly.  Read More

                            Colorado Voting Information

Wyoming State News


Wyoming Gov. Mead To Appoint New Treasurer By Friday                                          

Wyoming will have a new state treasurer by Friday.  The Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee will vet 10 candidates for state Treasurer Joe Meyer’s position on Monday in Riverton and will narrow the field to three applicants from which Gov. Matt Mead will choose.

There have been no public debates to discuss candidates for the position since Meyer died of cancer on Oct. 6. The meeting on Monday is the first public discussion on the issue.  Read More

Former State Legislator Hopes To Regain House District 59 Seat                      

The state legislative seat representing Wyoming House District 59 is one of two challenged races in Natrona County.  Mike Gilmore, a Casper Democrat, represented that district previously from 2009-2010. He lost the seat in the last election cycle and now he’d like to take it back.  Read More                                                                                          
Committee Looks at Moving Toward Alternative Fuels                                         

A state legislative committee pledged support for two bills Tuesday which, if passed, could go a long way toward making Wyoming a leader in alternative fuels.

Outgoing legislators Sen. Kit Jennings, R-Casper, and Rep. Jim Roscoe, D-Wilson, presented a bill drafted by their subcommittee to the main group Tuesday. The committee voted to sponsor amended versions of each bill; meaning Jennings or Roscoe won’t have to drive the bill forward.  Read More                                                              

Wyoming Voter Information