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Sen. Jeff Flake Attends Oro Valley Breakfast
Ariz. Sen. Jeff Flake was the guest speaker during the annual awards banquet hosted by the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 15.

Flake, who is back in Arizona while Congress is in recess, said he expects more bills to start passing through the legislature in the coming session.  Read More

Gosar’s Work With Dem Irks GOP Foes
Lawmaker defends Kirkpatrick union
U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar doesn’t care what GOP critics say: He’ll partner with a Democrat if he wants to.

It’s for the good of Arizona, he says. But others claim that he’s hurting his party.

Gosar, a Prescott Republican, is pushing back against criticism from fellow members of the GOP for cooperating in the past few months with Arizona Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. They’ve co-sponsored legislation, spoken together in support of issues like a massive copper mine in Kirkpatrick’s district, and on Tuesday, they held a joint town hall.  Read More

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