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Proposition 116 Supporters Say It Would Spur Hiring      
Easing property taxes businesses pay on everything from milling machines to restaurant silverware would help create jobs across Arizona, supporters of Proposition 116 say.

Under current Arizona law, equipment or machinery owned by businesses is subject to an annual property tax, with the first $68,079 of value exempt.

If voters approve Proposition 116, the exemption for items acquired during or after the 2013 tax year would rise to an amount equal to the annual earnings of 50 workers in the state – estimated at $2.4 million.  Read More                                                   

Rep. Jeff Flake's Focus Still on Pork Spending                                  
During his six terms in Congress, Flake, R-Ariz., has worked with -- and exasperated -- members of both parties as he has crusaded to rid Capitol Hill of often-wasteful earmarks and reform Washington's big-spending culture.

For years, Flake blew the whistle on the pork-barrel politics of influential House lawmakers, becoming a cult hero to fiscal conservatives across the country who came to know him via C-SPAN's coverage of his many floor amendments targeting colleagues' parochial projects that he considered inappropriate uses of taxpayer money.  Read More

Kirkpatrick, Paton Tackle 'Big Picture'                                             
First Congressional District candidates Jonathan Paton and Ann Kirkpatrick were asked to respond to the six "big-picture" questions below. They were limited to 150 words and a requirement to stick to their own positions, not attack those of their opponent. Click HERE for their answers.

Arizona Getting to Know Carmona in Senate Race                      
Arizona voters have seen Richard Carmona in combat fatigues, in a surgeon's mask and gown, wielding a pistol as a SWAT team member and most recently dangling from a helicopter during a medical rescue.

Time will tell which narrative proves most powerful with the state's conservative-leaning voters, but Carmona's eye-popping resume is giving Democrats hope that they can pull an upset in Arizona and deliver a devastating blow to the GOP's prospects for winning control of the Senate.  Read More

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