Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton Touts Key Piece of Legislation
Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton paid a visit to Cañon City's Rotary Club on Wednesday to talk about fiscal issues and economic challenges facing Coloradans.

"As the state's Chief Financial Officer, I think it's important to go around to as many parts of the state as possible and talk about economic and budget issues that affect Colorado and some of the economic legislation that we've worked on in the treasurer's office," he said during an interview at the Daily Record.  Read More
Senator Mark Udall Says a Plan To Replace One Dollar Bills With Coins Will Save Billions of Dollars
U.S. Senator Mark Udall, a Democrat from Colorado, is backing a proposal to replace dollar bills with coins.

Under the legislation, approximately 600,000 million coins would be placed into circulation. A transition to the coins would take about four years.  Read More

Arizona State Senator Begins Campaign to Counter Election Referendum
Calling a referendum drive misleading, a state senator has launched a campaign to keep voters from overturning extensive changes to voting laws made by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, wants to collect funds to counter the petition drive that would force a public vote on the provisions of HB 2305. The provisions range from allowing election officials to stop sending early ballots to some voters, to putting potential new legal hurdles in the path of people who want to propose their own state laws and constitutional amendments. Read More

Wyoming Senate Race Between Cheney, Enzi is New Battle in GOP’s War
Liz Cheney has opened a new front in the battle for the soul of the Republican Party with her decision to challenge Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.). The fight pits conservatives willing to work across the aisle with a newer breed that views compromise as defeat.

The conflict, which has raged over the past two election cycles, is often marked by differences of tone and style more than ideology.  Read More

Rep. Cory Gardner - Making Changes at the IRS
Recently, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) introduced legislation aimed at preventing future politicization at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Preventing Unionization of Revenue Service Employees (PURSE) Act would add the IRS to a list of government agencies whose employees are specifically prohibited from joining unions that enter into collective bargaining agreements with their agencies. That group currently includes employees of the Government Accountability Office, the FBI and CIA, and the Secret Service.  Read the full press release
Perlmutter Introduces Marijuana Banking Bill
Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter, (D) Boulder, introduced legislation Wednesday that seeks to resolve conflicts in federal and state law that currently prevent marijuana business owners from opening bank accounts.

Under current law, bankers and bank employees run the risk of being prosecuted under federal anti-money laundering statutes if they offer accounts for marijuana business owners because the drug is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Read More

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Invitation for Public Comment on Voting System Requirements For a Uniform Voting System in Colorado
Secretary of State Scott Gessler is moving Colorado to a statewide Uniform Voting System. Under a uniform system, all Colorado voters will have the same voting experience on the same voting equipment. The processes for issuing, casting and counting votes will be uniform throughout the state. Read More

Connecting With Rural Colorado
A recently hatched plan to change how seats in the legislature are apportioned in an effort to give rural Coloradans more power is unrealistic and almost certain to further frustrate those disenchanted by what has been going on under the gold dome in Denver.  Read More

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Opens Office in Washington
Gov. John Hickenlooper has launched a Colorado office in the nation's capital to push the state's agenda in front of Congress and federal agencies.

The state is now among 32 other states that have offices or advocates in Washington. Read More

Rebellious Colorado Counties Move Forward With Plans To Secede
Representatives of 10 rural Colorado counties met Monday in the sleepy plains town of Akron, about a half an hour from the Kansas border, to advance a plan that has been both hailed and ridiculed in recent weeks: A bid to split from Colorado and form the country’s 51st state.  Read More
Numbers improve for Colorado credit unions
~Denver Business Journal
Credit union membership and loan growth in Colorado and nationally was up in in the first quarter, an indication of what theCredit Union National Association calls a “cultural shift” away from big corporations and big banks.  Read More
Colorado Credit Unions Show Marked Improvement vs. National Data
~Denver Post
Colorado-based credit unions fared better than the national average on a number of fronts, quarterly data released Tuesday by the National Credit Union Administration show, lending credence to early reports that credit unions might be recovering slightly faster than banks

With the nation's fourth-lowest delinquency rate for the first quarter of 2013 and one of the sharpest quarterly increases in the number of member-business loans since at least 2008, Colorado credit unions overall "generally outperformed" the rest of the country, NCUA said.  Read More
Colorado-based credit unions fared better than the national average on a number of fronts, quarterly data released Tuesday by the National Credit Union Administration show, lending credence to early reports that credit unions might be recovering slightly faster than banks.  READ MORE
Gessler Offers Tips For Charitable Efforts After OK Tornado
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler today urged Coloradans to ensure they donate wisely, so their contributions go to legitimate charities that will meaningfully help victims, families, and Oklahoma residents recover from this disaster. Gessler offered guidance to help Coloradans avoid scams and efficiently direct money to those in need.  Read More
Larimer County Credit Unions, Banks at Odds Over Lending Cap
Public Service Credit Union expects to max out how much it can loan to its small business members within a year unless Congress lifts the cap on commercial lending.

“I know we will hit the limit,” said David Maus, CEO of Public Service Credit Union, which has several offices in Fort Collins. “That causes us not to be as helpful or aggressive as we would like to be.”  Read More
Rep. Mike Coffman’s Veterans To Work Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Full House
A Rep. Mike Coffman proposal that bolsters existing job training programs for returning veterans overwhelmingly passed the full House of Representatives Tuesday.

The proposal, which the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office believes will save money over ten years, bolsters the existing program for returning veterans who want to go straight to work and not to college first.  Read More
Colorado Session Ends With Contentious Bills Settled
Colorado lawmakers concluded a historic session Wednesday that saw ruling Democrats exert their power to pass sweeping gun laws, same-sex civil unions, and in-state tuition for immigrants in the country illegally.

The legislative session also included new regulations on the legalization of marijuana, approved by voters in November. But the 120-day session didn’t end without a few big ideas left on the table.  Read More