Don't Tax Tuesday


Why do we engage in social media for advocacy efforts?  Because it is a powerful tool!
  • More than 5,000 tweets and 600 Facebook posts were made yesterday – with more than 4,800 specifically aimed at the Twitter accounts of Members of Congress.  This is more than double our results from the first #DontTaxTuesday campaign in July.
  • More than 1 million Twitter users were potentially exposed to the #DontTaxMyCU campaign yesterday – bringing our campaign total to more than 3 million social media users (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Our website saw more than 69,000 page views yesterday, nearly seven (7) times our daily average.  Seventy percent (70%) of the nearly 23,000 unique visitors were first time visitors to the site—credit union members newly engaged in our campaign.
  • Even though our focus yesterday was on social media, we still had another 8,000+ contacts delivered to the Hill the “old-fashioned” way – via email.

Some stories from CUNA News Now on the topic:
Political consultants, university sociologists and amateur statisticians are now one step closer to using data from Twitter like they use polling data.

An Indiana University study has pulled, from the noise and muck of the stream, a statistically significant relationship between Twitter data and U.S. election results.

Specifically, the study found a correlation between the number of times a candidate for the House of Representatives was mentioned on Twitter in the months before an election and his or her performance in that election. The more a candidate is mentioned on Twitter, the better.

Previous studies have found a loose relationship between activity on Twitter and financial or political events. A 2010 study found that certain ways of analyzing Twitter could foretell a film's success at the box office better than a prediction market for that purpose.

CUs Prepare To Unite For Good On 2013 ICU Day
The theme of this year's International Credit Union (ICU) Day, Oct. 17, is "Credit Unions Unite for Good," the Credit Union National Association announced.

"We are coming off a great Unite for Good impact at America's Credit Union Conference (ACUC) in New York City," said Paul Gentile, CUNA executive vice president, strategic communications and engagement. "Now is the time to take that message and drive it across the nation. This year's ICU Day initiative, 'Unite for Good,' is the perfect way to bring credit unions together around a common cause that will make a huge difference with both national and local impact."  Read More

Aligning social media goals with business goals:
Social media offers several business opportunities, including communication, collaboration, communities and collective intelligence opportunities.  More

Social media also brings risks, such as reputation or security issues. However, social media opportunities far outweigh its risks, thus choosing not to go ahead with social media because of possible risks is a counter-productive strategy.  More

How can social media help you achieve your more general business ones [goals]? Implementing social media without a properly thought-out plan can bring more risks than opportunities, or simply lead the company to waste valuable time.  More
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The Inside Exchange is a regular video feature from CUNA designed to offer credit unions insight into the latest from Washington, D.C. in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas affecting credit unions.
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Last year CUNA (with generous assistance from CUNA Mutual and COOP Financial Services) submitted an application for a “creditunion” top level domain. Top level domains are the designations added to the right side of website addresses, like “.com,” “.org” and “.coop.” CUNA is in the last stages of securing the necessary approvals, and we expect the domain to be ready to go live by early 2014.  READ MORE & Take Survey 
Tax Policy Developments As Congress Returns
The Credit Union National Association continued to talk tax reform with Capitol Hill staff members during last week's recess, and CUNA remains focused on the U.S. Congress's ongoing efforts at tax reform as legislators return to Washington this week.

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to continue to discuss staff-prepared tax reform options papers in private meetings. One paper of particular importance to credit unions is the Exempt Entities paper, which is expected to be discussed either this week or next, Donovan added.

Leaders on the House Ways and Means Committee are also continuing their own tax reform work, he said.  Read More

Very recently, a new group calling itself the “Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT)” was formed as a coalition of 42 politically influential companies to advocate for bipartisan comprehensive tax reform.  You can read the press release here.  Credit union tax status continues to remain a top priority and it's more important than ever to protect credit unions as this reform is considered.   

As a reminder, campaign tools are always available for credit unions on CUNA's Tax Advocacy Toolkit.
Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has announced that the U.S. theme for International Credit Union (ICU) Day® in 2013 is “Credit Unions Unite for Good,” which conveys the movement’s shared vision of Americans choosing credit unions as their best financial partner.

This announcement is made in concert with World Council of Credit Unions’ announcement of the 2013 international theme, “Credit Unions Unite for Good: A Better Way,” emphasizing the benefits of cooperation among credit unions worldwide. As ICU Day is held annually on the third Thursday of October, both themes will be celebrated this year on Oct. 17, 2013.
Member resources are now available! 

Credit unions were featured in a number of high-profile articles in recent weeks, in some popular publications and websites.

No doubt, these items contributed to a strong April for with nearly 19,000 visits being made and the total number of searches reaching nearly 18,000. Add April's numbers to the first quarter totals and it shows that has drawn just over 78,000 visits and a total of just over 68,000 credit union searches.

In April, Wisconsin Credit Union League and Mountain West Credit Union Association upped the count to eight leagues that have joined the recognition program and are stepping up their game by promoting on their websites, using as a press resource, and including aSmarterChoice via their social media outreach.  Read More

Springtime in New York City is legendary.  And starting Monday, the throngs of people moving through one of Manhattan’s most bustling thoroughfares, Times Square, will see a message in the neon lights letting them know they’ll get better rates and lower fees by switching to a credit unions, and urging them to find one at   READ MORE about the initiative

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