The SEC and Social Media
Twitter and Facebook just had another rocket ship put in their trajectory!  They, along with other social media, have been officially deemed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to be acceptable venues for companies to disclose material information to investors.  The only caveat is that public companies must advise investors where the information can be found, most likely using traditional media to do so.  READ MORE

Welcome to the 21st Century, SEC: How companies can work social media into their disclosure process
On April 2, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took an important step into the 21st century when they stated that public companies can use social media as a means to disseminate material information. They did so in the context of exonerating Netflix CEO Reed Hastings of liability based on a prior accusation that the company had violated the regulatory body’s Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD) rule.  READ Full ARTICLE

Follow the laws of branding
Business development staff are CUs’ branding ‘secret weapon.’
Smart credit unions don’t push products, they promote their brands, says Mark Arnold, president of the On the Mark Strategies. And business development staff are credit unions’ “secret weapon” in this process.

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Financial Literacy Month an Opportunity For CUs to Shine
As Financial Literacy Month, April will present an opportunity for credit unions to rededicate themselves to their core operating principles of education and social responsibility, says Lois Kitsch, National Credit Union Foundation national program director.

"It is part of our mission," Kitsch said. "It is why we exist. But I also think it makes good business sense. The more educated members we have the more successful and productive they will be as members of the credit union. It makes common sense that access to financial information should be the core of everything credit unions do."  Read More

On Monday, March11th Paul Gentile, EVP of Strategic Communications and Engagement Credit Union National Association was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio. During the interview, Paul mentioned that people could learn about credit unions and find one to choice by visiting

The media exposure of resulted in a traffic jump on Monday to 1,005; resulting in 804 total searches.

That is the highest # of visits in a single day so far in 2013.

This is the value of media exposure of

Here is the link to the radio interview:


It has been a few weeks since Bill Cheney officially unveiled the vision for the credit union system. Feedback has been coming in fast and furious from credit unions.

The one common takeaway is that credit unions are excited to see the CUNA/League system taking a leadership position to bring the movement together for a shared vision.  Watch for more information in the coming weeks.   See More

How can your credit union help the CU system move closer to realizing its vision where Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner? The suggested actions and benchmarks in this checklist will contribute to achievement of our three key goals of:

Removing Barriers • Creating Awareness • Fostering Service Excellence
Independent social media study cites service as being one of the top reasons why consumers are flocking to a credit union.

Social media analyst company, Crimson Hexagon recently studied 220,000 social media posts pointing to reasons why consumers joined a credit union. The study spanned over 11 months and examined several aspects consumers seek from a financial institution.  READ FULL STORY

Facebook is increasingly becoming a player in Washington, D.C., and not just because of social media’s influence on politics.  MarketWatch reported Wednesday that Facebook spent $1.4 million on lobbying in the fiscal fourth quarter — a 314 percent increase from what it sent to politicians during the same time period in 2011.  READ MORE
 Since the whole purpose of is to get consumers to learn more about credit unions – and find a credit union to join – earned media continues to be the top method for driving consumer eyes to the website.

 Case in point: The highest number of daily visits – 2,793 - in the fourth quarter came on November 21, when the Holiday Spending survey was presented at The National Press Club by CUNA and the Consumer Federation of America. was mentioned and included in the press release handout to the media in attendance.

 No doubt: Media exposure is one of the most effective ways for consumers to hear about In fact, traffic typically spikes whenever the website is mentioned, in newspapers, on radio - or on TV. The more often is seen in the media, at the top of search engines, and via social media, the easier it is for people to find a credit union to join.

During the fourth quarter of 2012, just over 84,000 visits were made to the site, resulting in over 49,500 successful searches conducted for a credit union. Look where your state ranks in visits to in 2012.


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