Don't Tax Tuesday


Why do we engage in social media for advocacy efforts?  Because it is a powerful tool!
  • More than 5,000 tweets and 600 Facebook posts were made yesterday – with more than 4,800 specifically aimed at the Twitter accounts of Members of Congress.  This is more than double our results from the first #DontTaxTuesday campaign in July.
  • More than 1 million Twitter users were potentially exposed to the #DontTaxMyCU campaign yesterday – bringing our campaign total to more than 3 million social media users (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Our website saw more than 69,000 page views yesterday, nearly seven (7) times our daily average.  Seventy percent (70%) of the nearly 23,000 unique visitors were first time visitors to the site—credit union members newly engaged in our campaign.
  • Even though our focus yesterday was on social media, we still had another 8,000+ contacts delivered to the Hill the “old-fashioned” way – via email.

Some stories from CUNA News Now on the topic:
Political consultants, university sociologists and amateur statisticians are now one step closer to using data from Twitter like they use polling data.

An Indiana University study has pulled, from the noise and muck of the stream, a statistically significant relationship between Twitter data and U.S. election results.

Specifically, the study found a correlation between the number of times a candidate for the House of Representatives was mentioned on Twitter in the months before an election and his or her performance in that election. The more a candidate is mentioned on Twitter, the better.

Previous studies have found a loose relationship between activity on Twitter and financial or political events. A 2010 study found that certain ways of analyzing Twitter could foretell a film's success at the box office better than a prediction market for that purpose.

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