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Controversial Issues Will Keep Colorado Legislature Busy For 2013 Session
Congress may seem stuck in endless partisan gridlock, but it's a different story in Colorado's Legislature. Democrats have consolidated control of both chambers and the governor's office, and the 2013 session could see a flurry of legislation after two years of divided control, tight budgets and little significant change. Read More

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette Introduces Bill To Ban Large Magazines
Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is plunging into the gun control debate with new legislation to ban high-capacity magazines.  DeGette introduced the proposal Thursday. The Democratic Congresswoman's district includes the site of the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School. Read More

Colorado State Legislators Prep For Rural Issues
While the 69th General Assembly doesn't officially start business until next week, the two legislators from Northeastern Colorado are already hard at work on bills on water, agriculture and other issues affecting rural Colorado.  Read More

Enterprise Zones Expected To Get Colorado Lawmakers’ Attention
Enterprise-zone reform — a topic so controversial that it spawned three bills in the Colorado Legislature and lengthy compromise negotiations in 2012 — may find more consensus in 2013 around the recommendations of a governor-appointed task force that met for three months.  The task force agreed the program, which some legislators tried to abolish in 2010, is an economic-development boon and should remain for the most part, said Ken Lund, task force chairman and executive director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.  Read More

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