Sonnenberg to Run For State Senate
Colorado House of Representatives member Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, has announced he will run for the Colorado State Senate in the next state election in 2014.

Before he becomes a senator, he has one more legislative session in the House of Representatives in 2014.

Long an advocate of rural issues, he says he is concerned about the rift between the more urban areas of the state and the rural areas.  Read More

Colorado Legislature Might Curb Multi-million-dollar Incentives to Big Business
The tax breaks face growing opposition by the taxing entities from which funding is siphoned.

Tax breaks, such as the $53 million Fort Collins has pledged to developers of Foothills Mall, would be more difficult to get in Colorado under legislation expected to be introduced next year.

Statewide, nearly $1.4 billion in revenue that would have gone to schools, services provided by city and county governments, and other entities has been diverted to tax breaks for businesses during the past 25 years, according to a report by the Larimer County Budget Office. Under current law, most taxing authorities whose money is being doled out as business incentives are powerless to stop it.  Read More

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