NCUA Expands State Performance Mapping Analysis

The NCUA expanded its state-by-state quarterly performance analysis, releasing second-quarter statistics Wednesday that tripled the number of financial indicators tracked during first quarter 2012.

New key financial indicator categories tracked and mapped by state include net charge offs, asset growth, deposit growth and member growth. Previous categories include ROAA, delinquencies and loan growth.  Read More                                                                                                                                         

Merchants Say Higher Fees Not Their Fault                                      

Higher checking account fees that consumers might be seeing cannot be blamed on higher interchange rates that larger asset banks are paying for their debit cards, according to a study prepared and released by the Merchants Payments Coalition, an organization of retailers created to oppose card interchange.

Banks and credit unions have charged that lower amounts of interchange income from debit card transactions have forced them to raise checking and other fees to make up the difference.  Read More                                                                                                                                    

CUs Winning Dismissals on Overdraft Suits                                                 

Credit unions have begun winning court dismissals on a variety of grounds in multiple, duplicative lawsuits that have been filed against financial institutions over overdraft policies and processes.

However, new cases continue to be filed in the cookie-cutter, class-action lawsuits, which claim financial institutions manipulate the posting order to beef up overdraft fees.  Read More 

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