The August district work period has officially begun.  The House and the Senate will be out of session until the week of September 9th.  When they return, there will be fewer than ten legislative days until the end of the fiscal year.  The big picture focus for the remainder of the year will be on appropriations, sequestration, the debt ceiling, immigration reform, and tax reform.  We also expect action later this year on housing finance reform on the House floor and perhaps in the Senate Banking Committee. 

A Note about August “Recess”…
Although the August Recess is often viewed as a vacation for lawmakers, the reality is often far removed from this perception.  To this point, we bring to your attention two recent articles from the Washington Post that describe what this period of time is like for elected officials and the importance of the district work period for advocacy groups. 

Last month in his Wonk Blog , Ezra Klein describes the competing demands on members’ schedules and the importance of the work they do when they return home to hear from their constituents.  It’s actually a pretty interesting look into how Members spend their time in Washington and at home.   READ MORE

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