In these critical times for credit unions, our advocacy voice is as important as ever. We need your help to build Mountain West Credit Union Associations’ political strength. In an effort to raise awareness, we are conducting a Credit Union Get Out The VOTE Election PAC Recruitment Drive through Election Day.  Recruit new Contributors to CULAC-PAC and you help to build MWCUA’s clout on Capitol Hill.  And, you will be included in an Election night drawing to win a big cash prize! 

Here is all you have to do:

1. Sign up new contributors to CULAC-PAC

2. Write their names on the back of this form

3. Mail/Email form to MWCUA before November 6th, 2012 (if mailed must be postmarked by Nov 1st)

** You must recruit 5 NEW contributors to be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing. Entry forms with fewer than 5 NEW contributors will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. NEW is equal to any new CULAC (not CUPAC) member or any current CULAC member who increases their contribution by $100 annually. All NEW CULAC members will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. Entry forms must Be postmarked by November 1st, or hand/Email delivered to cupac@mwcua.com NLT by 6 pm MST on November 6, 2012. If you have any questions please call Chris Kemm at 800.477.1697 ext 3345.

CULAC is our FEDERAL PAC, not STATE PAC. (CUPAC) and this recruitment effort are separate from our 100% board participation campaign.  This should be targeted to staff and management teams within your credit union.  Also, we will not utilize PAY-PAL for this recruitment effort (Checks/ ACH or Payroll deduction only).

NOTE: Credit Unions who have not signed a current permission agreement with the Mountain West Credit Union Association/CUNA cannot participate in this recruitment effort.  If you would like to update your permission agreement with us, please contact Deb Larrabee at dlarrabee@mwcua.com

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