GOTV Update


Give your Credit Union the Political Power & Win

Below is the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Update.  There are ONLY 6 Days left until Election Day!  Early voting has begun in All Three States!


We still need your help!  Thank you to the following teams who recently signed up for GOTV activities:

·         Premier Members:  2 teams + 2 election day staff

·         White Crown: 2 teams

·         Columbine – 1 team

·         Space Age – 1 team

·         Community Choice – 3 election day staff

There’s still time for your team to sign up for the Colorado Get Out the Vote.  Please review the Calendar for dates and times that will work for your credit union.

CULAC Recruitment Drive Results:

CU GOTV 2012 “PAC Recruitment Drive” Political Power Stats – to date we have raised $5,036.24!  We still need your help to raise an additional $19,963.76 to reach our goal.  Click HERE for additional information.

To Join our GOTV efforts, complete the following:

1. Sign up new contributors to CULAC-PAC

2. Write their names on the back of this form

3. Mail/Email form to MWCUA before November 6th, 2012

                                           (if mailed must be postmarked by Nov 1st)


Grand Prize ** $500 Drawing

The following Individuals have been entered into the $500 Grand Prize Drawing:

·         Anna Corona of AEA FCU – 27 NEW sign ups

·         Matthew Shaw of White Crown FCU – 13 NEW sign ups

·         Matt Reber of Columbine FCU – 12 NEW sign ups – 100% Staff Participation

·         Steve Higginson of Reliant FCU – 6 NEW sign ups

·         Eva Gaudio of Elevations CU – 3 NEW sign ups

** You must recruit 5 NEW contributors to be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing. Entry forms with fewer than 5 NEW contributors will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. NEW is equal to any new CULAC (not CUPAC) member or any current CULAC member who increases their contribution by $100 annually. All NEW CULAC members will be eligible for First, Second, or Third Prize. Entry forms must Be postmarked by November 1st, or hand/Email delivered to NLT by 6 pm MST on November 6, 2012.

Additional Prize Drawing Results:

The following credit union staff have been entered in to the $350, $250 & $100 drawings:

·         AEA FCU – 26 entries

·         White Crown FCU – 13 entries

·         Columbine FCU – 12 entries

·         Reliant FCU – 6 entries

·         Elevations – 2 entries

·         Banner FCU – 1 entry

CULAC is our FEDERAL PAC, not STATE PAC. (CUPAC) and this recruitment effort are separate from our 100% board participation campaign.  This should be targeted to staff and management teams within your credit union.  Also, we will not utilize PAY-PAL for this recruitment effort (Checks/ ACH or Payroll deduction only). If you have any questions please call Chris Kemm at 800.477.1697 ext 3345.

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