Spend more than a few months in Wyoming and you’ll understand how unique the state is – “one long Main Street” is an oft-used phrase by native Wyomingites. This extends to the political season as well. Wyoming is an odd political animal compared to other states with a similarly conservative population. Sen. Chris Rothfuss (D-Laramie) is fond of describing Wyoming’s legislature as a true citizen body, referencing the availability of legislators to their constituents, and none are truly professional politicians.

Wyoming legislators serve for roughly 40 days in an odd year – less than a month in even years – then return to everyday life within their own districts. Several legislators have done this cycle of traveling to Cheyenne every winter for more than a decade. With an incumbency rate hovering over 90 percent, Wyoming’s state legislature remains relatively stable through each election cycle.

This election year, however, a perfect storm of factors have the potential to unseat a handful of moderate GOP members and change the moderate character of the legislative body.  Read More

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