NCUA: 2012 A 'Transformative Year' for CUs
The credit union system in 2012 "transitioned from uncertainty caused by a severe recession and benefited from a recovering economy," making last year "a transformative year" for credit unions, the National Credit Union Administration said in its 2012 Annual Report. Read More
Media Comparisons Of CUs, Banks Tilt In CUs' Favor
In the 11th of a 12-part "Head to Head" series of articles, Business Insider Tuesday pitted credit unions versus big banks and asked: "Where Should You Put Your Money?" The verdict?  Credit unions.

The publication isn't alone in pointing out the value of credit unions., Seattle's CBS affiliate, also focused on the cooperative difference in a segment Monday entitled "Credit Unions Vs. Traditional Banks."  Read More
CUNA Will Closely Review NCUA Derivatives Proposal
A proposed rule that would allow eligible credit unions to engage in interest rate swaps and to purchase interest rate caps was released for public comment by the National Credit Union Administration on Thursday.  Read More

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Mobile Uptake Continues Despite Fraud Threat
More than one in four mobile and tablet users report being victims of online or mobile fraud, a national survey says, but that isn’t stopping them from using those channels.  Read More

DDoS Attack Fizzles After Elaborate Threats
A U.S. Department of Homeland Security memo that said the May 7 distributed denial of service attacks threatened by the so-called “hacktivist” collective Anonymous against government and financial websites would be more bark than bite prove to be true.   Read More

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