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Wyoming Legislators Debate Diverting Mineral Taxes

Wyoming House Minority Leader Patrick Goggles was back to work less than 24 hours after his re-election, sponsoring a bill aimed at diverting a portion of the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund to fill gaps set in place by Gov. Matt Mead's planned 8 percent budget cuts.

The bill doesn’t suggest taking money out of the fund. It proposes taking a percentage of severance taxes from mineral revenues and putting them in the general fund instead of the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund.  Read More                                                           ~billingsgazette.com

Third-Party Candidates Fail in Wyoming Legislative Races

New third parties failed to upend the political cart in the Wyoming Legislature, as 10 third-party candidates all lost their races by wide margins to Republicans in Tuesday’s election.

The GOP expanded its control of the state House by two seats, according to unofficial results. Entering the election, the GOP had a 50-10 advantage over Democrats in the chamber. The Senate did not see any changes in its makeup of 20 GOP senators to 10 Democrats.  Read More                                                                                                    


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