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Legislature Wraps Up First Week
While the 2013 Wyoming Legislature is off to a controversial start, so far the controversies only affect business tangentially.

Bills changing the role of the superintendent of public instruction and attempting to nullify potential federal gun regulation are getting a lot of attention in the first week of the 40-day general session that began last Tuesday.  Read More

Wyoming Legislature Faces Weighty Issues
Over the next seven to eight weeks Wyoming lawmakers will consider cutting state agency budgets, increasing fuel taxes, determining health care availability and holding schools accountable.
Those are just a few of the critical issues lawmakers face in the 40-day session that began today for the 62nd Legislature. "There is so much to learn, and it is all so important," said Lynn Hutchins, a new lawmaker. Read More

2013 Wyoming Legislative Report
The 62nd Legislative Session is now underway and there's a lot of major tasks ahead of Wyoming lawmakers.

They'll have to craft a supplemental budget, address the proposal to expand state health care programs and discuss issues of school accountability.  Read More

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