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Candidates Pledge Support For Cities, Towns and Counties and Optional Tax

Candidates seeking election to the Wyoming Legislature all agreed that they would pursue legislation to assist Wyoming’s cities, towns and counties in an hour-long presentation before the Fremont County Association of Governments Thursday evening.

Senator Eli Bebout told the group, comprised of the county’s mayors and a county commission representative, that he will continue to work on funding solutions to the expensive and controversial issue of closure and post closure costs for landfills in the state, which he said most smaller communities and counties could not afford to do themselves.  Read More                                                                                        ~county10.com


Single Legislative Sentence causes $429M AML Funding Gap

A single amended sentence, passed quickly and quietly with no consultation, is the source of Wyoming's Abandoned Mine Lands funding cuts that are projected to leave Wyoming $429 million short for reclaiming abandoned mines.  Read More


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