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Legislation To Give Counties More Funding For Landfills                  ~dailyranger.com

The Wyoming Legislature will consider two bills during its upcoming session that should help cities and counties deal with solid waste problems.

State Sen. Eli Bebout talked about solid waste this month during a meeting of the Riverton City Council, describing the two bills that should make it more feasible for Fremont County and other Wyoming communities to maintain their local landfills.

The proposed legislation was developed after lawmakers reviewed a study from the Department of Environmental Quality that identified 114 landfill sites in Wyoming as possibly contaminated. Bebout said cleanup costs could reach $350 million.  Read More

Wyoming Legislature Task Force OKs Nuclear Waste Bill                                 ~trib.com

A state legislative task force signed a bill that would allow nuclear waste storage in Wyoming, as long as it came from a nuclear power plant in the state.

The Legislature’s Task Force on Nuclear Energy Production voted Thursday in Casper to support the waste bill, which would allow temporary storage of highly radioactive waste from nuclear reactors, after listening to some cautionary words from former Gov. Mike Sullivan.  Read More

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